Your Family session Experience.

Family is everything. It’s our life, our day to day. Documenting the love and fun of a family session is such a joy! Melissa will shoot your family as you are, not fake or too posy. Play with your kids, tickle and embrace them. Those photos are what family sessions are all about.

What to expect from a family session with Melissa? 

Fun, laughter, patience, silliness and authenticity. Everything you are as a mom, dad or child. Melissa thrives to capture those meaningful moments with a natural style.

beautiful family of four in studio
family being silly for a photo
little girl smelling a flower
extended family session with mom, dad, daughter and sons

Family "Marathon" sessions

What is a marathon session?

Family marathon sessions are "mini" sessions but not a whole less then a regular session! I ideally hold these marathon dates 3-4 times a year at each session (Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas). They can be themed so for example: Christmas/Mothers Day etc. These are discounted sessions with a structured approach and a shorter time slot allowing me to book families back to back. Within the timeframe and having years of experience, I know how to work with your family quickly and efficiently to give you a variety of great images to your "mini" gallery.

types of Marathon sessions:

Christmas (red couch)




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